Valentina’s (Tex Mex) Barbecue (Austin, TX)

Texas barbecue with Mexican-ish sides = Tex Mex barbecue. They also give the option of flour tortillas on the side instead of white bread. The brisket was awesome and seasoned really well and the pulled pork was some of the best I’ve had anywhere. It was a bit salty, but cooked to perfection- super tender, with lots of crispy browns.

The Twisted-X Premium Tex-Mex lager paired nicely with this Tex Mex bbq.

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New shoes up in the front for Azcadillia! I almost wish they made ruby red white-walls (or silver if you want to stay true to form) .



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I’ve been searching for this video for a while, I guess it finally got put up on YouTube. My buddy Scott and I played the hell out of GT2 whilst working at the bungee jump, and I felt the dirty slide guitar in this spot was awesome. 

I tried to find what song this was but I feel it was played specifically for that spot and a similar one that was aired

A commenter suggested Jimmy Page’s “It might Get Loud” documentary to which I find this maniac making a guitar out of 2x4 and a Coke bottle Les Paul style

"Sooki" the Suzuki

My first project bike. A little 1982 Suzuki 250t that was left for deadski that I bought for a song. So fun to blast around Austin. “Blast” being used tentatively; top speed is about 80.

Here it is up on CL. 

Austin, TX - If the weather is foggy or overcast at night and the sodium lights form the UT intramural fields are on, it creates an orange glow in my neighborhood.

Turndown flair from Mykel Larrin during the BMX Vert finals on Thursday night at X Games Austin. Larrin finished in 6th place.


Post 2 of 2 - Crappy phone photos from the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show back in April during MotoGP weekend. 

Post 1 of 2 - Crappy phone photos from the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show back in April during MotoGP weekend. An old warehouse on the east side was a great spot to do this up in. Some insane builds here from folks including Deus Ex Machina, Analog Motorcycles, and Austin’s own Revival cycles.

Curtains in the Airstream attached to the inner walls with sticky back velcro strips. This should keep the light out of the inside of the trailer when the sun comes up too early after tubing on the Guadalupe. It’ll be like a cozy little cave in there. Many thanks LK & AK for putting up with my bad measuring.